Murder Mystery Party in Minneapolis
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Minneapolis’s Experts in Mystery Entertainment

We’re stirring up a mystery in the Twin Cities, but we can’t figure out whodunit without your help! Start planning your murder mystery party in Minneapolis-Saint Paul today!

Host a Murder Mystery Party

You’re throwing a party, or maybe hosting a corporate event? You’ve got everything ready to go, the guests, the food, the venue, but you’re missing that certain something that will make your party a success? Instead of a wrung out DJ or corny keynote speaker, try out one of our themed murder mystery parties near Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Our mystery experts can turn any event into an unforgettable evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder!

We’ve got a variety of themes crafted for different events, so give a call and your personal on-call Crime Scene Coordinator will hook you up with the perfect show for your perfect event. We make it easy and stress free to have unique, one-of-a-kind entertainment at your private event that you’ll feel like you are getting away with murder!

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The Murder Mystery Company in the Twin Cities

The Murder Mystery Company has been roaming far and wide bringing mystery, intrigue, and murder to every corner of the country, and we’re pleased as punch to be able to share our killer crime scenes with you, Minnesota! We’ve had plenty of practice making our whodunits murderously fun, so give one of our Clue style crime scenes with a murder mystery party in Minneapolis!

The Best of the Best

We aren’t bragging OR kidding when we call ourselves the best of the best, our mystery experts get put to the test before they stir up a mystery at your party. The Murder Mystery Company has created an exclusive training program for our performers called the GRIMprov Method, and we use it to make sure the performers at your show give you nothing but the very best in mystery entertainment. Your murder mystery party in Minneapolis or Saint Paul is just a phone call away, what are you waiting for?

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: