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You’re throwing a party, or maybe hosting a corporate event? You’ve got everything ready to go, the guests, the food, the venue, but you’re missing that certain something that will make your party a success? Instead of a wrung out DJ or corny keynote speaker, try out one of our themed murder mystery parties near Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Our mystery experts can turn any event into an unforgettable evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder!

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How to Plan for Your Murder Mystery Party in Minneapolis

Experience the best in mystery entertainment with The Murder Mystery Company and our murderously fun mystery experts in Minneapolis! We’ve got the mystery, we’ve got the clues, all we need now is your help to figure out whodunit! Whether you’re plotting the perfect party, or coordinating a corporate event, we’ve got professional mystery entertainment that is a great fit for any occasion. Team up with the experts in mystery entertainment for a killer murder mystery party in Minneapolis!

Your upcoming corporate event or business function doesn’t have to be boring, make it a unique and one of a kind experience for all your guests with a corporate crime scene that everyone gets to be a part of! Our professionally trained performers will provide professional mystery entertainment that is fun, engaging, and never boring or cheesy. We also provide you with your own personal on call Crime Scene Coordinator to help plan every part of your event so you get a stress free murder mystery party in Minneapolis from beginning to end.

Our team building events are to die for as well! Instead of tired old ice breakers and trust exercises, try an interactive Clue style mystery that will get all of your employees up and moving trying to solve the mystery of whodunit. Our themed mysteries encourage teamwork and critical thinking while bringing your employees together for a fun day that will be the talk of the watercooler for the rest of the year! Start plotting your murder mystery party in Minneapolis with our Crime Scene Coordinators for an effortless team building day!

Another part of The Murder Mystery Company that we take particular pride in are the fundraisers and charity events we’ve helped slay their goals! Our mystery experts and killer mystery shows are the perfect way to raise money and give your charitable guests something to look forward to! It’s a win win situation for everyone. Instead of stressing out about making your upcoming charity or fundraising event, team up with us for a murder mystery party in Minneapolis that is sure to be a success!

Last but not least, we can’t forget birthdays! Our mystery experts are the perfect way to spice up any birthday party for kids or adults! Nothing says Happy Birthday like a Clue style crime scene full of mystery, intrigue, and murder! We have a murder free mystery for kids with a scavenger hunt, and an assortment of themed shows for adults ranging from 1920’s mobster all the way to big hair 80’s madness, and everything in between! Start plotting your birthday murder mystery party in Minneapolis today!